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A car battery is much like a heart, without it, the vehicle won’t run. That is why it is important to both keep an eye on the life of the battery as well as take great care of it. Like a heart, a healthy battery will run smoothly and for much longer than one that is neglected. Your KIA service center serving Jackson MS is here to help keep you on the road without any worries.

Signs Your Car Needs a New Battery

Your car battery doesn’t last forever, and it is important to notice it is starting to die before you find yourself stranded. Below are a few ways to spot a dying battery:

  • Slow engine crank: Starting your vehicle shouldn’t be a problem, but if it becomes one, your battery may be dying. The cranking of the engine and a sluggish start is a sign it may be time for a new one.
  • Bloated battery: Being bloated is never a good thing, and a bloated battery case is a sign of a decreased battery life. This can be caused from excessive heat, which causes the battery to die quicker.
  • Old age: It is recommended to get your battery changed every three years. While a battery may be able to last longer, risking it is never a smart move.


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At your KIA service center, we want to make shoppers feel at home. We do this by offering guests free coffee as well as frequent service specials to keep the wallet a little more full. Feel free to bring the kids along, as our kids play center will keep them occupied while you wait for your vehicle. Too busy to stop by? Don’t sweat it, as the online tire store is able to allow drivers to shop wherever they chose.

Located just 15 minutes from Jackson MS, we are a short drive for many shoppers. Stop by anytime and let us help!

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