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The brakes on your car are nothing to mess with. Without them, you and your vehicle won’t end up in great condition. That is why it is important to keep an eye on the brakes on your car and to ensure they are healthy and not worn out. Let the well-trained technicians at your Jackson area KIA service center get a look at your brakes to see if they need to be replaced.

Does My Car Need New Brakes?

Below are just a few signs your car may need new brakes:

  • Hear unusual noises: When a scraping or buzzing type sound is prominent the brakes are not being used, the brakes could be worn down. The noise comes from the worn down brakes scraping against the rotor.
  • Car pulls to one side: If you hit the brakes and the hood of your car begins to pull in one direction, one side of the car may have worn out quicker than the other side. If brake pads are uneven, you should get two new sets installed right away.
  • Vibrations: If the brake pedal shakes violently when it is pressed, it is time to get new brakes. This is caused by an overheated brake which doesn’t distribute its resin properly.


Why Visit Your KIA Service Center?

Wilson Kia doesn’t take shortcuts, and when it comes to quality service, we strive. From our sales team to our service department, we are all very dedicated to bring shoppers an unbelievable dealership experience. With free coffee and a kids play center, people of all ages will feel welcome. For those who like to shop from home, our online tire store is the perfect place to get what you need.

Wilson Kia is just about a 15-minute drive from Jackson, MS. Stop on by, we look forward to seeing you!

Service Review

“Greatest car purchase ever. No hassle no haggle. Be sure to see Ron “Pudding” Gooding for ease of purchase and “Cuay” also extremely knowledgeable” – User

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