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The muffler on your car is extremely important as it helps reduce the noise produced by the engine but it also helps keep toxic fumes from entering the cabin. If the exhaust system in the vehicle isn’t working properly, not only will the driver be uncomfortable, but they can also be putting themselves in danger. Your KIA service center serving Jackson MS is here to help shoppers with all of their muffler issues.

Signs Your Muffler Needs to be Replaced

Being that mufflers are so important, it is wise to take action at the first signs of a problem. Below are a few signs it is time to bring your car in for muffler service:

  • Loud noises: One of the most obvious signs of a failing muffler is the loud noise that accompanies it. While a muffler should run quietly a smoothly, a damaged muffler will roar like a lion.
  • Lower gas mileage: A healthy muffler will promote better fuel economy, so if you begin to notice yourself at the pump more often, check your muffler. Monitor your gas mileage and if it continues be lower than usual, bring your ride in for service.
  • Bad smells: This is one of the most dangerous signs of a bad muffler, as these smells could sometimes be lethal. When your muffler is damaged, exhaust fumes from outside can creep into the cabin. If these smells arise, bring your car to a mechanic ASAP.


Why Visit Your KIA Service Center?

Wilson Kia offers shoppers an Online Tire Store as we understand that not everyone has the time to stop by our service center. With an online store, motorists can find what they want while they are on-the-move. For those who do stop by, our kids play center and complimentary coffee makes people of all ages feel at home. Our frequent service specials also help shoppers save a bunch of money on quality service, giving everybody something to smile about.

Stop by Wilson Kia at any time, as we are just a 15-minute drive from Jackson, MS!

Service Review

“Lots of praise for Wilson Kia! My sales associate came through with everything that I asked for in a new vehicle and the buying experience was pleasant and awesome because he worked hard from start to finish to find just the right one and ensure that I was pleased. He definitely knows what he’s doing! I’ll come back to Wilson Kia for my next vehicle!” – User

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