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Properly working wiper blades can give you a clear line of sight to the road ahead. Wiper blades help drivers clean their windows from dirt, dust, rain, and many other types of debris. When these are not working properly, drivers put themselves and others in danger. Luckily for shoppers, your KIA service center can help Jackson MS area drivers with all of their wiper blade questions.

Signs You Need New Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are extremely important to the safety of drivers, so check out some signs below that signify it is time to get a new set of blades:

  • Streaks on glass: When working properly, wiper blades are evenly pressed on the glass to remove debris. If these wiper blades are damaged or worn, they may not be evenly pressed against the glass, creating streaks.
  • Screeching: When the rubber on a wiper blade has been worn out, you can hear a screeching sound that is caused by the hard rubber that has shrunken. Not only is the sound annoying, but it can also scratch your windshield.
  • Bouncing blades: If your wiper blades begin to bounce as they go across the windshield, the wiper blades have outlived their lifespan. This may also signify a bent blade arm, which will also need to be replaced.


Why Visit Your KIA Service Center?

There are many reasons why Wilson KIA is a service center you can trust, one being that we make our customers feel at home. Through frequent service specials, shoppers can save big on quality service each and every time they stop by. Complimentary coffee and a kids play center also makes for an at-home type of feel for people of all ages. As for those who are always running around with no time to shop, the Online Tire Store gives motorists a chance to find what they need while on-the-go.

We are just a 15-minute drive from Jackson, MS, and we look forward to seeing you and helping out in any way we possibly can!

Service Review

“Purchasing my first car was awesome thanks to Wilson KIA! The sales associates are great! Very thankful for their help! They broke down every part of the car buying that I was unsure of! Oh, and I LOVE my new Forte!” – User

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