Kia Key Fob Tricks

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Your new Kia vehicle has a key fob. Great! But how does it work? Don’t worry, the experts in our service center have helped Flowood customers like you to figure out all kinds of Kia key fob tricks, including how to open a Kia key fob, Kia key fob battery replacement, and Kia key fob programming. Learn more with Wilson KIA, below!

Kia Key Fob Tricks: Locking and Unlocking


An important feature when you’re running errands around Jackson, the lock button on the key fob has multiple functions:

  • Press the lock button once to lock all the doors.
  • Press this button twice within two seconds to set the vehicle’s alarm system, confirmed by the sound of the horn.


Similar to the lock button, the unlocking button on our Kia key fob is quick and easy:

  • Press the “unlock” button once to unlock the driver’s door.
  • Press the “unlock” button twice within two seconds to unlock all the doors and the trunk or tailgate.

Kia Key Fob Tricks: Trunk/Liftgate

Kia vehicles are designed to provide commuters with the maximum amount of cargo space. Follow these steps to easily access your trunk:

  • Manual trunk or liftgate – Press and hold the trunk/liftgate button for a full second to unlock the trunk or liftgate.
  • Power trunk or liftgate – Press and hold the trunk/liftgate button to automatically open the trunk or liftgate. Press again to stop the trunk or liftgate.

Kia Key Fob Tricks: Panic Alarm

If you ever need any assistance, the panic alarm is just one of the many Kia safety features this automakers provides to give drivers peace of mind:

  • Hold down the panic button for at least a half-second to set off the panic alarm.
  • Hold down the button again to turn the alarm off and reset it.

If You Have a Low Key Fob Battery

Whenever your Kia key fob needs to be replaced, you have the option to utilize the mechanical key that’s located inside of the key fob itself. Or, you can always get a replacement:

  • Starting your car–If your key fob battery seems to be running low, press the key fob to the remote start button to start the engine.
  • Accessing the Mechanical Key–If your key fob battery is completely dead, press the mechanical key via the button on the back of your key fob.
  • Kia Key Fob Battery Replacement–Our Service Department will be happy to replace your key fob battery for you.

Hands-Free Lock/Unlock

Kia works to make the lives of Brandon drivers slightly easier with this hands-free lock/unlock function. Whenever your hands are full while running errands, once you and your Kia key fob are near the vehicle, all you have to do is place your thumb on the door handle.

How to Open a Kia Key Fob

Some of our Ridgeland customers like to take care of their Kia key fob replacement themselves. Here’s how to open a Kia key fob yourself:

How to Open a Kia Key Fob – Standard Key Fob

  • Lay the key fob down so that the back side is facing up
  • Insert the tip of a small standard head screwdriver into the slot on the side of the key fob
  • Pry open the key fob
  • Take out the old battery
  • Install the new battery
  • Close the key fob and squeeze it shut

How to Open a Kia Key Fob – Smart Key Fob

  • Release the mechanical key by pressing the small button on the bottom of the fob
  • Insert the mechanical key into the slot on the bottom of the fob
  • Gently twist the key in either direction to pry the fob open
  • Take out the old battery
  • Install the new battery
  • Snap the key fob back together

Kia Key Fob Programming

If you need to program your Kia key fob, follow these instructions:

  • Close all the doors and insert the key into the ignition.
  • Turn the key off then on repeatedly until the door locks cycle. End with the key turned on.
  • Press the lock or unlock button on the key fob. If the doors lock (or unlock), the key fob is programmed.
  • Turn the ignition to off. If the door locks cycle, the programming mode is over.

Do Kia Keys Have Chips?

Do Kia keys have chips? Yes. They contain an embedded microchip that communicates with your car to lock, unlock, and start your vehicle.

Learn More Tips and Tricks from Wilson KIA

If you found this guide helpful, check out our other tips and tricks, like, “How to Rotate Your Tires”. If you need any help at all with your vehicle, schedule an appointment with us. Wilson KIA is just a short drive away from Ridgeland, so drop by or contact us today!

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