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It is very important to bring your vehicle in for routine oil changes. Your vehicle’s engine is made up of a myriad of moving parts, and without fresh and clean oil they won’t work as well as they should. Your KIA service center serving Jackson can help give your ride an oil change in no time, giving you quick and reliable service.

Why is an Oil Change Important?

Oil changes are very important in order to keep your car in great shape. Check out some reasons why they are important below:

  • Lubricates the engine: Every engine is full of many moving parts that can get hot very quickly. By giving your engine clean and cool oil, the parts can move with ease all while keeping them cool.
  • Keeps engine clean: Over time, dirty engine oil breaks down and creates sludge. Through routine oil changes, clean oil removes dirt and other particles, keeping engines in tip-top shape.
  • Improves gas mileage: Through routine oil changes your car can last much longer out on the road. The U.S. Department of Energy says that gas mileage can be improved over time by 1-2% with clean oil.


Why Visit Your KIA Service Center?

With free coffee and kids play center, it is clear to see that Wilson Kia wants to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. Not only do we offer our guests complimentary coffee, but we also give them exceptional service thanks to our well-trained technicians. Our online tire store gives shoppers the chance to get what they want from the comfort of their own homes.

Wilson Kia is just about a 15-minute drive from Jackson, MS, so stop on by and let us help!

Service Review

“The sales associate was so helpful and dedicated to finding something we’d actually want in our price range. She didn’t try to take advantage of us. She was a salesperson that I could trust. Excellent service.” – User

If you can’t remember the last time you got an oil change, it is time to get one. Contact Wilson Kia by calling us at 601-914-4270 and schedule an appointment.