Your Guide to the Kia Oil Change

Oil Change


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It is very important to bring your vehicle in for routine oil changes. Your vehicle’s engine is made up of a myriad of moving parts, and without fresh and clean oil they won’t work as well as they should. Wilson KIA is home to your Jackson KIA service center, and our team of experts can have you in and out with a Kia oil change in no time!

What Are the Benefits of an Oil Change?

Oil changes are very important in order to keep your car in great shape. Check out just a few of the benefits, below:

  • Lubrication of the Engine: Every engine is full of many moving parts that can get hot very quickly. By giving your engine clean and cool oil, the parts will move more easily and stay cooler as you drive. If you fail to have your Kia oil changed, your engine could easily overheat and cause damage to the cylinders.
  • Keep Engine Parts Clean: Over time, dirty engine oil breaks down and creates sludge. Through routine oil changes, clean oil removes dirt and other particles, keeping engines in tip-top shape. For this reason, the vehicle that has its oil changed at regular intervals will tend to fetch a higher resale value.
  • Improve Gas Mileage: With routine oil changes, your car can last much longer out on the road. The U.S. Department of Energy says that gas mileage can be improved over time by 1-2% with clean oil. Even a small difference will add up to big savings as the years roll by, so regular Kia oil changes can be seen as a smart investment.

What is My Kia Oil Change Frequency?

In general, your recommended oil change frequency will fall between 7,500 and 10,000 miles. However, no two models are exactly alike. If you’re wondering when to get a Kia oil change, you can reference this quick-and-easy guide or check your owner’s manual for precise recommendations:

  • Kia Forte Oil Change Frequency – Once every 7,500 miles, or roughly twice a year.
  • Kia Optima Oil Change Frequency – Once every 7,500 miles, or roughly twice a year.
  • Kia Sorento Oil Change Frequency – Once every 7,500 miles, or roughly twice a year.
  • Kia Sportage Oil Change Frequency – Once every 5,000 miles, or roughly two to three times a year.
  • Kia Soul Oil Change Frequency – Once every 7,500 miles, or roughly twice a year.

As you can see, the Kia oil change frequency generally falls near the 7,500-mile marker. However, there are a few additional guidelines that you should keep in mind:

  • Older vehicles will generally need more frequent maintenance in order to perform at their best. So, if you’re driving a model that’s spent more than a few years on the roads near Ridgeland, you’ll want to shrink your oil change interval.
  • Do you engage in frequent towing, off-road driving, or commercial use? Getting your oil changed more regularly will help to reduce the impact of heavy-duty driving.
  • If the Mississippi summer is especially hot, you’ll want to consider getting your oil changed more frequently. Extreme heat (or humidity) can take a toll on your vehicle’s engine systems, so it’s smart to be proactive.

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